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Vendor Diversity Plan Policy Statement

It is the policy of Scioto Downs Racino to assist in providing economic opportunities for disadvantaged and emerging small businesses and to make reasonable good faith efforts to achieve these goals.

Scioto Downs Racino is committed to promoting diversity initiatives that attract qualified contractors, subcontractors, assignees, lessees, agents, suppliers, and vendors who are minority, female, or disabled. To the extent lawful and feasible, the company is committed to expansion of opportunities for:

  • Contracting or transacting directly with minority, women’s, or disabled person’s business enterprises
  • Contracting with a non-minority business enterprise under terms and conditions that establish a participation plan

The Management of Scioto Downs Racino believes vendor diversity is a shared responsibility. The Purchasing Manager oversees Scioto Downs Racino’s Vendor Diversity Program. The General Manager, Department Directors, Department Heads, and Contracting Supervisors support the Purchasing Manager in maintaining the importance of vendor diversity as a critical component of racino and racetrack operations. The Purchasing Manager implements policies and programs, monitors the company’s efforts in these areas, and handles or refers complaints to appropriate company contact points.

Through administration, monitoring, and communication of this policy, the company will attempt to ensure that all people are included in the diversity that strengthens Scioto Downs Racino in its pursuit of excellence and enhancing the representation of diverse groups in the operation.

Any contractor, subcontractor, assignee, lessee, agent, vendor, or supplier of Scioto Downs Racino who requires additional information regarding this policy should communicate, either in writing or in person, with the Purchasing Manager, 6000 South High Street, Columbus, OH, 43207 or by contacting the Purchasing Department at 614-295-4029.

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