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Eldorado Scioto Downs | Gaming | Racino Etiquette & FAQ

Gaming FAQ's

Q: What do I do if my ONE Club card doesn’t work?
A: Make sure the light around the card in the machine is green to signify that you have inserted it correctly. If there is still an issue you can turn on your service light and a Gaming Attendant will be around to help you OR you can take your card to the Guest Services Counter for assistance.

Q: What do I do if it says my account is locked?
A: Even with your account locked, you are still receiving your tier points and/or Reward Dollars for playing. Locked accounts occur after three (3) failed PIN number attempts. Your PIN number will need to be reset. You can either turn on your service light for a Gaming Attendant OR you can take your card to Guest Services for help.

Q: How do I turn the service lights off/on?
A: Simply press the service light button on your machine.

Q: What is a service light used for?
A: Your service light is for any type of help you may need: if you need change, have a problem cashing out, ONE Club card help or have any type of questions about your gaming experience.

Q: Is it OK to tip my Gaming Attendant?
A: Yes, it is. Our Gaming Attendants, just like your valet, servers and bartenders, all work within the service industry.  Though you are not required to, it is still deemed a courtesy for exceptional service or when a jackpot is won.

Q: Do I have to leave my ONE Club card in during game play?
A: Yes, you need to leave your ONE Club card in the machine during your game play for Tier Points/Reward Dollars to be awarded to your account.

Q: Will my Free Play transfer with my ONE Club card if I download the whole amount onto a machine?
A: No. Your Free Play will not transfer back to your card once downloaded to a game. You will have the option to download your Free Play in increments of $1 at a time. Keep in mind that whatever amount you download stays on that machine until the credits are used. Any balance of the Free Play remaining on your card (not-downloaded to a  game) will stay on your ONE Club card to be used until expiration – typically seven (7) days from receipt, unless otherwise stated.

Q: Where do I find pay lines?
A: All pay lines can be found on the game either on the main screen or by pressing the “Game Rules” button on the screen.

Q: Is it appropriate to play more than one game?
A: With the exception of holidays and very high volume days, yes, guests can play more than one (1) game at a time.

Q: Is it OK to tip my chair to save my game?
A:  No. Due to safety hazards, chairs should not be tipped forward to save games.

Q: Is it OK to ask a server or Gameing Attendant to hold a game for me?
A: For short periods of time, such as a bathroom break, and only when time and business volumes allow for a server or Gaming Attendant to assist you.